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Ideal Career Test

Ideal Career Test
Ideal Career Test

Ideal Career Test helps students to identify their ideal careers based on their strengths and personality.

Ideal Career Test is perfect for those who want to find their true calling and discover the right career options. The assessment output of the Ideal Career Test is in the form of a 14-page detailed report assessing and identifying a student’s natural inclination for further studies, areas of improvement, skills, values and personal characteristics. The report is divided into 4 sections. The motivation section identifies the top 3 factors that help to perform better. The aptitude section evaluates the verbal, numerical, spatial, critical dissection and acuteness aptitude. The interest section suggests the careers that will be of interest to keep the students motivated. The personality section evaluates the personality type.

  • Gives a detailed report of career motivators. Eg: Interest, Respect, Stability

  • Identifies Strengths and Potential Weaknesses

  • Gives a direction based on Motivation, Aptitude, Interest, and Personality

  • Suggests Top 3 Ideal Careers.

1) What are career motivators?

They basically determine your motivation for choosing a certain career. It can be interest, respect, money, stability, and more. 

2) What is the Interest section?

This section suggests the careers that keep students motivated based on their interests.

3) How many careers does the Ideal Career Test suggest?

The test suggests the top 3 ideal careers.

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