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Branch Selector Test Commerce

Branch Selector Test Commerce
Branch Selector Test Commerce

Finance or Non-finance? What’s the suitable career option in Commerce? The Commerce Career Selector will provide an answer for the same and gives a direction for the student’s career choices. Commerce Career Selector provides knowledge on different Commerce domains. It gives a graph that highlights a student’s interests and aptitude and indicates whether the inclination is towards Finance or Non-Finance domain. It gives an interest level graph and interest level descriptors that suggest the ideal Commerce careers.

  • Gain knowledge about the available Commerce careers in the financial and non-financial domains. 

  • Get insights on the best-fit Commerce career options. 

  • Scientifically designed and formulated test report

  • Accurate test results with customized approach

  • Matches activity choices and presence of mind to different Commerce careers

  • Results are displayed in graphical forms

1) What is the nature of the Commerce Career Selector Test? It is a Psychometric test consisting of Multiple Choice Questions. 2) Is it an academic test that requires knowledge on certain subjects? It is not an academic test. The test comprises of situations in the form of questions where the student has to choose the best option based on own choice and decision out of three. So, don’t worry about any special preparation. 3) How does the scoring happen for the test? The tests consist of general questions from everyday activities. So, there are no right or wrong answers. The best answer is the one that the student can relate to.

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