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'Go the Extra Mile' (GEM) is a premium admission and career counselling service which enables students to get the best possible admission and scholarship results across thousands of universities within and outside India.

Through a well-guided plan, students can get step-by-step guidance on career planning, university admissions and more. With GEM, you will be able to finalize country, course and career options along with psychometric tests, aptitude tests to understand career inclinations better.

You also receive pre-application, application, essay, and visa guidance to secure admission in a timely manner.

With each student, we follow a milestone led approach and encourage students to adhere to a planning process. Our unique admission counselling helps students become better prepared, planned and be more competitive in their applications.

This service helps students in two areas -

  • Gives clarity to students for making the right decision.
  • Secures successful admission along with the best available scholarship.

• Get Guidance on the Right Careers for the future and the best strategy to ensure success.

• Types of entrance tests to appear for along with how to appear well for them.

• Increased clarity on right career choice through in-depth profile analysis.

• Personalized Profile Analysis to find the best-fit course, career and entrance test shortlists.

• Increased college readiness through focused guidance.

1) How many applications are covered in this service? We offer premium guidance services on applications. You to apply up to 7 universities under the services.
2) Will you give guidance on LORs, SOPs, Essays, Scholarship, Finances & Visa? Yes, We offer complete guidance on all the formalities and requirements from Universities. Since our counselors are experienced, they will see to it that all formalities are completed in time. Univariety as an organization has a collective counseling experience of over 300 years with experienced counselors.
3) What all countries the service is available for? The best overseas study destinations including the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and more through expert guidance

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